1. Great show! We had fun listening while doing some Christmas decorating.

    1. Author

      Thanks. Don’t forget the spiked eggnog.

  2. Great Job on #4! Some of the music is quite familiar and is still heard regularly around the holiday season. Other material I’ve never heard before and found quite interesting. A few songs I really enjoy and do not hear enough of and have not heard in a long time. I thought the Christmas remake of the Cheap Trick song was pretty cool. I hadn’t heard the song by Greg lake in a long time and I thought it was performed by the whole band Emerson Lake and Palmer. I always learn interesting music facts when I listen in. Great job DJ Bobby G!

    1. Author

      Thanks Mike. Glad you enjoyed the show.

  3. Bobby G’s Christmas Special was quite good. It even got smiles from this ole Grinch. Love The Kink’s “Father Christmas”. What’s next? Thanks for your time and efforts.

    PS: I have a fascinating collection of drinking songs, everything from Mario Lanza in “The Student Prince” and Danny Kaye in “Hans Christian Anderson” through all that country stuff, all that Irish stuff, “hooray for Beer” by Bowling for Soup, and “Beer” by The Asylum Street Spankers.

    1. Author

      I see the makings of a future show that must include “I Knew She Was A Lady Because She Moved The Dishes First”.

  4. I had work to do in the computer this morning but, I took the time to listen to your music. It was wonderful!
    Lou and I enjoyed it!
    Outstanding! from Lou


    1. Author

      Thanks Lou and Joan.

  5. I very much enjoyed your Christmas music.Very appropriate for our generation.You are very good at this,Bob.You should consider a part-time job at a radio station.I know you would be good at it.But,like any work….you are retired,so that is a consideration.Perhaps,as a contributor.

    1. Author

      Eddie, I am glad you enjoyed my show. Right now, I am busy trying to transition to a real Internet radio show. If it’s not possible, I will consider using my podcasts as a “resume” to get airtime at a local radio station.

    1. Author

      I am not touching that comment but I hoped you enjoyed the show(s). Of course, Alissa built my website and helped me successfully navigate iTunes and Garage Band to get my podcasts online.

  6. Enjoyed the Christmas music.

    1. Author

      Glad you did. Do you guys ever get down to Florida?

  7. DJ Bobby G – probably your best one so far. Merry Christmas and safe travels.

  8. It’s January and we need some new hits Bobby G

    1. Author

      Hello George. Right now I am trying to transition to a real Internet radio show. Please stay tuned for future developments.

  9. Doing some work in the finished basement fixing a broken heater and needed some holiday music …. thanks

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